June 22nd, 2003


Furmeets and Fursuits

O.K. Here's the official Albu-FUR-que '03 furmeet results (YMMV) I was hoping for 9 furs to show up at the furmeet. I got 6. I'LL TAKE IT! The first to arrive was Dabber Coon, a fur I helped bring into thr NM_Furry fold a few weeks before. We chatted for awhile while waiting for the others to arrive. Soon emberflowers arrived! She said she was going to bring dragon cookies..., but the mold didn't cooperate, so we had to settle for regulat cookies...darn. A short time later mr_silvers arrived. The party started cooking! A little while later tenax arrived from Socorro with his 2 dogs, Bob and Ivory along with fellow Socorro fur, Skitzo Kitty. A short time afer that, pagansparkles arrived, and the party could begin! I showed my copy of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" which included my 5 seconds of fame. I then began grilling the rib-eye steaks I had bought for the group. Shortly, there were the sounds of carnivores snarfing down large quantities of meat as well as potato salad, green salad, and corn. With everyfur satiated, we all sat back and talked geekdom until 11:00 (23:00). With only Tenax, Skitzo, and Dabber haging around, I went to do dishes while they had an "art jam." The party finally broke up around midnight. I thought it was a great success! It was great just to sit back and be furry! I think everyone had a great time.

Today I was up by 7 for a conference call at 8. Then my friend Gary picked me up at 9:30 for a fursuiting gig in Santa Fe at 11:00. It's for a Conservation Fest sponsored by KBAC, the radio station I've become the unofficial mascot for. While driving, I get a call from Al Bear, and we chat while I'm driving (yes, I became one of THOSE people!) So I get to the Villa Linda Mall, and discover we're an hour early. So we get some Chinese food for lunch and wait for things to happen. The mall manager is really jazzed that I'm there. She gives me an office to suit up, and off I go! I suit for about 2.5 hours and get in LOTS of great hugs! Gary captured some wonderful pix! The only thing that sucked was that my head fan was malfunctioning, so I was getting crappy battery life. *shrugs* It was a wonderful day, nonetheless!
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