June 23rd, 2003


Another Furry High

*cue Robot from "Lost in Space"* "DANGER! WILL ROBINSON! DANGER! FURRY OVERLOAD!" *grin* O.K. Last week I maintained a nice even emotional balance. But with the weekend furmeet and the fursuiting, the needle got pushed into the red. I woke up buzzing this morning. I had one of my "laugh til you cry" moments eating a bowl of cereal. I had to just calm myself down before heading out the door. So now I'm at mt desk, still buzzing a little, but that could be due to a shot of caffeine. I'll have to see if the morning dj mentions anything about yesterday's gig. I sent him a few pix of the event including a nice one with his son.

It was nice hearing from so many SoCal furs on IM last night. It sounded like the Fur-B-Que was a great success! And I got yet another request to move my furry ass out there. *sigh* I find it totally amazing. I met so many people at Confurence for such a brief period of time, and I became close friends with so many. What's going to happen at AC?!? YIKES!

Also, I forgot to mention something from yesterday's furmeet post. A big bear hug to tenax for making a wonderful t-shirt for me to be worn with my fursuit. It's a cartoony bear holding a garbage can with the caption: "Can I eat your garbage?" *LOL* It WILL be worn at AC!!! We had joked about that on a hike we took a month ago. He might have to make another one for me with a raccoon when my raccoon suit arrives.
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