June 25th, 2003


Of bears and beers

Oops! I did it again. hehehe. Got online and had such a nice time I threw restraint to the wind and pounded down one too many brewskis last night. I checked my chat archives, and I didn't say anything too stupid. In fact I let folks know my condition so if I did say anything outrageous, it could be blamed on the beer. Unless something bad happens today, I'll be a little more in control tonight. *slaps self* Bad bear!

I went and bought plushies yesterday! I stopped in at the local Goodwill store during lunch hour looking for a baby doll. HUH? WTF! *LOL* I needed a prop for my AC Masquerade skit. I found an old Cabbage Patch doll. Perfect! While there, I noticed a cute little bear. *snag* Oh! A little beanbag raccoon! *snag* They now adorn my office.

My vorephile tendencies were aroused by yesterday's Animal Crackers comic murrrrrrrrrr.
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