June 26th, 2003


Burn, Bosque, Burn

I guess the fires in Albuquerque are making national news. Cool. I was chatting with mr_silvers and emberflowers last night when they mentioned that the Bosque (cottonwood forest along the Rio Grande) near Montano Ave. was going up in flames. Since that is only about 2 miles from me I looked out my window and saw the sky was orange/red. Fortunately I'm about 50-100' above the valley, so I had a pretty commanding view of the raging fire. I love watching the power of nature. Unfortunately, it appears this was arson. Asshole(s).

I don't know what to think about last night. I was happy, sad, depressed, cheerful, thoughtful, lonely, loved, sober, and drunk. All at the same time! Talk about a bi-polar bear! To those I tried to help, I hope I did. You're not a burden. To those I sought comfort from, thank you for caring. To those working on the teleportation device, will you PLEASE hurry up! One week from now I hope to be snuggling a fox and a bear. I can wait a week...but it seems like an eternity.

I was a very happy to chat with cargoweasel who is doing a commission for me. He showed me his pencil sketch and I was jazzed. I'm not a macrophile per se, but I had this great concept that I wanted put on paper. So at AC I will receive a drawing of Sabot as a macro getting "refreshed" by Old Faithful. *LOL* It should be great!

I also chatted with my favorite Finnish fur, Redbeary aka Berni aka Junkvist. I can't wait to meet him at AC! I want to be snugglehugged by Berni, the CUTEST doggy fursuit I've ever seen! murrrrrrrrrrr.

Oh well. Off to work. Meeting in Espanola today. Bleh. I'll have to pick up some black tar heroin. (a NM inside joke).


The meeting in Espanola was better than I had thought. It was what's called a "Tabletop Exercise" for emergency response preparedness. Basically we have a list of steps to take if something happens to one of our dams. We sit in a room with members of all sorts of other emergency response people and essentially play a role-playing game. It was nothing new to me since I used to be an emergency coordinator for dams controled by the Yuma office. What has changed is the threat. I only had to deal with floods, and the dams were relatively small, so the impacts weren't great. It was the flood itself that caused the havoc, not the failure of the dam.

But now we live in a post-9/11 world.
It was a little disturbing to have one of our damtenders respond to a break-in alarm at a dam only to have the coordinator say, "O.K. you're dead." The terrorists had parked a truck bomb on the dam and left a vial of nerve gas behind to make it look like the water supply had been poisoned. The terrorists then blew up the control house so the gates were inoperable. In related attacks, the terrorists set off fake nuclear blasts at Los Alamos to make it look like a nuclear terrorist attack. Supposidly it is not too difficult to rig an explosion to put out a wonderful mushroom cloud. *sigh* I'm depressed that we have to worry about shit like this. I'm gonna go home and snuggle with my critters.
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