June 27th, 2003


You know you're a furry if...

I know there's a whole list of "You know you're a furry if..." jokes somewhere on the web. I read them all a few weeks ago. So now I have a new one. "You know you're a furry if you go to Petsmart and buy more stuff for yourself than your critters." I went there last night to get cat and dog food and spent a long time in the dog collar aisle looking at all of the styles, wondering what would look good on me. I then walked down the aisle that had dog bowls, and snagged a nice simple one with a paw design on it. Guess what I ate my cereal out of this morning *grin* When I start buying chew toys for myself, then I might start to worry. Although...I fondly remember when briggswolf threw me a rubber trout on #ALF. It looked too real and I ended up eating it. The bad wolf then kept poking me in the stomach to hear me squeak. *LOL*

I see I have a new friend today! A big paw wave to xander_zzyzx, a name I'm familiar with from ALF. *HUG* Don't be a stranger!
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