June 28th, 2003



I described my emotions last night as a rollercoaster. Not a big, monster, screamer, but more like a kiddie coaster. One minute I was happily chatting away, the next I wanted to just go to sleep. One minute I was looking forward to my trip to LA this Thursday and to AC in 3 weeks, the next minute I was wondering what the hell I was doing. It's bi-polar bear time again. I know. I know. This epsiode will pass. It always happens.

Good news! I'm getting a coon tail! Woot! It should be ready in a few days! Also, my coon fursuit should be here just after the 4th. And I got my court date to fight my speeding ticket, and it's AFTER AC. Whew. I was afraid it would have been scheduled right during AC.

He hates when I do this, but....big bear hugs to my fellow bruin berin who is one of the awesome furs to chat with. Thanks buddy bear for the encouragement and words of wisdom. I have a feeling you will help make AC a fun time.

O.K. I'm off to Wildlife West to take care of the critters. Mmmmm. Mountain Lion skritches!
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A pick-me-up

Of course I had a nice day at Wildlife West. Raccoon skritches. Elk skritches. Mtn. lion skritches. Having a wolf run up to you and stop about 12 feet away to check you out. Hmmmm. Good stuff. I also received another pleasant surprise. I was shown the local paper from last week. There on the front page was a full color photo of yours truly in bearsuit dancing with a woman during the Bluegrass Festival. They even used my RL name. Woot! So very cool!

I told the keeper I work with that I was having a raccoon tail made for myself. She asked me "why?" in a puzzled sort of way. I replied, "To slightly tweak people's sense of reality." She liked that answer.

Ahhh. A good night of chats.

*licks lips* Hmmm. Dragon tastes like old chicken. *LMAO!*