June 30th, 2003


The big cheese

Not a whole heck of lot to report. I got to report the big cheese in Washington D.C. this morning on the status of the Rio Grande. It seems like all of the eyes in the Deaprtment of the Interior are focussed this way. Everyone is waiting for the conflict to arise which will pit the rights of Indians vs. The Endangered Species Act. It may happen...it may not. So much to lose on all sides.

It was a nice day yesterday. Helped out at the Humane Association in the morning. I smelled like a kennel for the rest of the day even after changing clothes. I decided I would make a nice brunch, so I whipped up an omlette with the works and a heaping pile of potatoes O'Brian. That put me in the mood to cook, so I made a big pot of chili con carne. That pretty much killed the rest of the afternoon, along with doing laundry. I joked with avenginglioness that I would make somebody a good wife. Just gotta get a French Maid outfit. *LOL*

Of course another nice evening of chats especially now that I got Al Bear back! *waves paw* Got a phone call from fellow fursuiter BleuJay asking when I'm going to pay him a visit this weekend. I plan on bringing my fursuit with me to LA, so we can try on each other's costumes. I think just about every SoCal fur I've met wants me to move to LA. I may have to start looking. Oh well. I'm jazzed just knowing I'll be there this weekend. Woot!
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