July 2nd, 2003


Lights! Camera! Action!

I just looked at the AC website. They have posted a preliminary schedule of events. I started giggling like a schoolgirl at my desk here at work. OMFG! Saturday is going to be awesome! I can't wait! It looks like there will be little time to breathe.

I have also officially taken over the responsibility as coordinator for the ALF dinner. Woot! I wanted involvement. I wanted to do my part for ALF. I wanted to do my part for furry. This will be one small step toward that goal.

I'm 36 hours away from LA. Everything seems to be swirling in a sea of chaos right now. I haven't talked with Al Bear in a few days, and I'm worried about his illness. I was supposed to stay at his place, but if he has some sort of contagious SARS like thing, eeep! Will Dex Fox come to the rescue? Will Lioness allow a bear into her lair? Does the homeless shelter allow bears? Oh yes! This is looking more and more like a movie all the time. And what is my role? Am I the comedian? The lover? The hero? The evil genius?Will love be found? Will hearts be broken? Will there be salvation? Will characters rise to the occasion or fall into despair? Lights! Camera! Action!
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