July 5th, 2003


Live From L.A. It's Sabot!

Greetings LJ friends! I am writing this from Al Bear's lair in central Los Angeles. I've spent two wonderful days with 2 of my dearest furiends. I got in on Thursday night and Al took me into the barrio for a burrito that fed all three of us. On the 4th we spent the late morning fursuiting at Griffith Park. Temps were in the 80's and we barely made an hour. Dex got some wonderful pictures of us in action interacting with the kids and the families having picnics. In the afternoon we headed over to Tess' place for a 4th of July furmeet. I was jealous, as well over 4 dozen furs showed up during the course of the day. The night was filled with a few hours of fireworks brought over by the numerous partygoers. It was fun to meet more furs!

Today's highlight was a drive up into the San Bernadino Mts. and to Big Bear! I drooled as we passed bear statue after bear statue! We wanted to get a picture of Al and me in fursuit standing next to the sign that welcomed people to the town. We found the sign and a lo and behold, there was a craft fair going on next door. We put on our suits and crashed the gig. It was a load of fun! We were eventually asked by a staff member what we were doing. We basically told him we do this for fun, and that it was all for pure enjoyment. He let us continue, and he even wanted to see if we could possibly do more gigs! Of course I wouldn't be able to, but Al sure could. We got back to LA and had a late dinner. And now, here I sit writing this entry. I'm sooooo glad I took the risk and came out here. This spontaneity thing is wonderful when it works out.
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