July 6th, 2003


I am still living with your ghost. Lonely and dreaming of the West Coast

Another fine furry day in LALA land. Woke up a little late after an almost all-night RL chat session. Al treated Dex and me to a nice brunch at a place on Wilshire Blvd. After stuffing our faces we headed to the coast and down to Venice Beach. Al and I thought about fursuiting, but we had to park so far away, that we decided to just walk the beach. I did wear my tail, however, and Dex wore his fox ears. I had hoped that we would "squick the mundanes," but this was Venice Beach, after all. It would take a LOT to squick people there. It was a really lovely day with a nice cool breeze blowing in off the ocean. I decided that I REALLY wanted to fursuit, so we proceeded up to Santa Monica Pier. Al and I suited up (he in Plushy Bunny today rather than Al Bear). We hit the pier and were instantly set upon by mobs of tourists, families, and kids. We had hoped to make it to the end of the pier, but we barely made it 100 feet. It was a non-stop photo session! Unfortunately, the batteries in the digital camera crapped out before we finished, so we missed out on a few pix. Overall, however, it was an incredible fursuiting experience! Al and I were beside ourselves with happiness; 3 days straight of great fursuiting! This has been a wonderful trip! I'll post some wrap up comments when I return to Albufureque tomorrow.
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    "The Buffoon"--the tone on Dex's ever ringing cell phone