July 7th, 2003


As reality comes crashing in

Here I sit, back at my work desk. BLEH! REALITY SUX! I wanna spend my life in fursuit with my furiends! Wahhhhh! *wink* Post-furmeet-depression hasn't hit yet, but I'm sure it will very soon. This past weekend was one the most incredible experiences in my life! I shaved 15 years off my age. I was once again in college, sitting up until the break of dawn with friends just talking about life. Getting drunk and revealing the innermost secrets and desires that have been locked away in your heart. Jumping in the car and taking a road trip not really sure what you'll find at the end, but it didn't matter because the trip itself was most of the fun. Doing wild, crazy, and impetuous things on a whim just because it was so much fucking fun! The vibe was perfect! We were in the groove! There could be no wrong!

The trip back to ABQ was uneventful, except for the line for security at LAX which extended from Terminal 1 all the way outside to Terminal 2! Fortunately they let folks with an early flight bypass the line. Wheeee! They did search my bag, however, because I had my extra batteries with me in the handy Costco sized pack. They also wanted to x-ray my fursuit box. Whatever. My suit has a serious case of FFS. I think I will take it to the laundromat tomorrow for its first bath. It needs to be fresh for AC! I did put on my head and walk around the office a little bit. *sly grin* Fun!
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