July 8th, 2003


But Mommmmmm!

Hee Hee! An inside joke for the title.

O.K. I really have post-furmeet depression today. It's a throwback to the day after Confurence. I'm here at work and motivated to do absolutely nothing! Every thought I have had has been about L.A. People keep asking me about the trip, which doesn't help much either.
For photos of mine and Al Bear's fursuiting experiences, check out Griffith Park or Big Bear.

And now for the title of today's post. I got a call from my mom yesterday. She usually calls on Sunday night, but I was still in L.A. I hadn't told her about the trip because I really didn't want to answer a lot of questions. So now I told her about the trip after the fact. She knows I'm a fursuiter, but not furry. So she finally asks the question of what this was all about. So I start describing over the phone what it is to be furry. There's lots of silence on the other end. I did a very bad job of explaining, plus I had a few drinks which helped cloud things. I used "you know, it's like..." way too many times. *shrugs* I will see her this Monday, so I can explain better in person. I know she thinks it's some kind of cult. So how DO you explain furry to a 76-year-old? I mentioned "Watership Down" because she's an avid reader. This should be interesting. Let's see if the whole queer bear thing comes up as well. Strap yourself in! We're in for a bumpy night!
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