July 9th, 2003


Save the drama for your mama

I just wanted to let my friends know a little something about my personality so that I can forever avoid the type of unpleasantness that I experienced over the past weekend. My phenotype is the black bear for a reason. I tend to like to be left alone. If I sense trouble I quietly move off to a safer location. If confronted, my first instinct is to run and hide, preferably up a tree. I will hope that the trouble will pass. If I am provoked further, however, you WILL get a bear paw across your head. I am also a cartoon bear, or maybe a circus bear. I love to perform for people, usually as the clown. I adore the smiles on the faces of people that are around me. Bear hugs are given freely.

Like a bear, however, I tend to get frustrated very easily. Where as a real bear might tear up the barrier that's keeping it from the goodies inside, I will tend to throw up my paws in frustration, gruff, and walk away. It's not so much turning my back on friends, but rather my low tolerance for drama. Play things straight with me, and you'll get the same from me. The only games that should be played in a relationship are Scrabble or Monopoly around a table with other friends.
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    "When Money Wasn't King"--Tom Petty