July 11th, 2003



Most everyone has heard of PCD; post-con depression. Right now I have PCA; pre-con anxiety. I am starting to bounce off the friggin' walls! I'll be leaving for Chicago tomorrow. I have most of my stuff packed, but I'm just fretting that I'm going to forget something important. I'm also envisioning trying to cart around a suitcase, a fursuit, and a case of homebrew. GAH! I'm chasing my tail! The 20 hour drive should go by fairly quickly with a loaded cd changer and visions of AC dancing in my head. No, I won't be doing it in one shot. I'll probably stop in Joplin MO. Then it will be a short drive to visit my sister in Carbondale, IL. Then up to see mom in Chicago on Mon. Hop on Amtrak on Wed. Arrive Philly on Thur., and let the fun begin!

I wish I would have won the Powerball. It would have been great at the news conference when they would have asked what I was going to do with the money. "Why, buy a fully animotronic quadraped bear suit, of course!" *LOL*

If I don't get to a pc in the next 2 weeks, this will be my last enrty for awhile. I'm sure I'll find one somewhere.
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