July 13th, 2003


Greetings from Carbondale!

I made it from Albuquerque to Carbondale. I sepnt the night in Joplin MO after an 11 hour drive. I made it to my sister's place by 1:00 today. I'm just kicking back and pounding brewskis. My cat and dog have settled in for the night. All is right with the world.

This has been a very emotional trip. I have been driving on a furry high since leaving ABQ. I have once again found myself laughing uncontrollably whenever I think about the upcoming con or anything furry. I've had a few cell calls with Al Bear and Dex which have made the trip much more enjoyable. I've gotten depressed when I've passed places that reminded me of the trips I've taken with my dad over the past few years, knowing that I shall never be able to do that again.

A note to berin Yes! The Foo Fighter's "I'll Stick Around" will wake you right up! I was falling asleep at the wheel across the Texas Panhandle when that song came on. Wheee! I was good until Oklahoma after that! I took great pleasure in listening to Frank Zappa while driving through the Bible Belt on a Sunday! *evil grin* That's all for now. See y'all on Thur.!