July 14th, 2003



O.K. I am royally fucked! I guess I spoke too soon yesterday. After writing my journal I sat outside getting smashed and having a great BBQ dinner. My sister brought out some leftover fireworks from the 4th. We shot off a few bottle rockets when I remembered that my dog hates the noise. Too late. He had trotted off into the night. We went out immediately with a spotlight trying to find him, but with no luck. I went out this morning calling him, but to not avail. On the positive side, he does have a collar with tags. On the bad side, it has my # in ABQ which I don't know how to access remotely. I could ask my friend to check, but he's on his way to Chicago as well! The other plus is that my sister knows the animal control person. I pray to goddess that I'll find out something before Thur. My dog usually just slinks off and returns on his own. But since this is a strange area, I'm not sure. He's also very people friendly. Someone could have taken him in very easily. I just hope they call animal control. FUCK!

The Goddess Smiles Upon Me

I just got finished crying my eyes out. I called Animal Control as soon as they opened this morning and Anubis was picked up last night. He's waiting for me to spring him from doggie jail. I thought AC was going to be ruined, but now it will be an incredibly joyous event! Thanks for your words of support, Al! *HUGS* O.K. as soon as I stop shaking, I'll head over there. WOOHOO! Beer for everyone on me!