July 16th, 2003


Sweet Home Chicago

Greetings from the Windy City. I'll be heading for Union Station tonight for my train trip to Philly. I hope to be strutting around the Adams Mark by 7:00 pm tomorrow. *crosses claws* Whoot!

Nothing much to report. Anubis is doing fine after his harrowing experience. Skookum the cat is making herself right at home in my mom's house. I've eaten White Castle burgers and Henry's hot dogs. I took my friend and his daughter to teh Brookfield Zoo yesterday. I wore my tail and got LOTS of great comments. It was a blast. I put on my fursuit for my mom and had a flashback to the infamous MTV special. I also put it on my for my mom's neighbor's kids. They loved it! El oso grande! I'm over at my aunt and uncle's right now. I might put it on for them as well. Anyway...here we go! The final stretch. I'm starting to go out of my mind! I've finally started to have pseudo-furry dreams again. They all have to do with going to the con. My subconscious must be overflowing. Until next time...*HUGS*