July 24th, 2003


I wanna wake up in the city that never sleeps

Greetings from NYNY! I finally found some free internet access from the Amtrak 1st class lounge. So here I sit in Penn Sta. waiting for my train that will take me back to Chicago. This has been a very interesting trip. I have a mild case of PCD. I loved wandering all around the city. My legs are ready to fall off. I've stuffed myself with great food, but I have pretty much been alone for the past 3 days, so it has been a hollow happiness. It's pretty sad that I can't wait to get back to my own computer. Maybe I just need familiar surroundings. I'll post my entire take on AC when I get home. I'll have to read some other LJ posts to see what other folks thought.

You probably all heard about the shooting at City Hall yesterday. I was eating a hot dog at Ground Zero when it happened. I really started to freak out. There were cop cars and helicopters everywhere! I (like a lot of New Yorkers) thought it was another terrorist thing. I hopped on the subway and made tracks to Central Park. I found peace at Strawberry Fields.

Earlier in the morning I had taken the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I got all melancholy as I toured the Island and imagined what my grandmother was thinking as she passed through those halls.

I also walked down Wall Street and went nuts thinking about the fursuiting opportunities especially near the big bull statue. I also wanted to fursuit Times Square sooooooo badly! My friends would have been more than willing to help me do it, but the humidity was so bad, it would have been close to suicide to attempt it, especially with no good place to cool off.

Speaking of my friends, I met up with a great gal and her sister that I had met a year ago when she worked as a secretary in our office in Albufurque. We had dinner in Little Italy and then went off to a club to hear a band. Whoever the group was, they were pretty good. We then headed uptown to a gay bar that was pretty interesting. I had outed myself to my friends over dinner (and a couple of bottles of vino). They thought it was great. That, and the whole furry thing made for a great evening of conversation. They had seen the MTV special and had LOTS of questions *grin*

BTW, the evening before, I had dinner with a couple that I had met on my trip to China last year. I told them about the whole furry thing as well, and they were FASCINATED! By the end of the evening, Laura wanted her own fursuit! She had seen the ER episode, so she had LOTS of questions *grin* See! The media can help out! *rolls eyes* Her partner (not a husband) thought it was great that I had my 5 seconds of fame on "Jimmy Kimmel."

ANYWAY...I've written a bunch. Good to be back on LJ. Like I had said, I'll write more when I get home.
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