August 1st, 2003


Karma Chameleon

Did you ever have one of those days when everything was going right, and then all of a sudden things shifted 180 degrees. That describes yesterday night. It started off wonderfully. I met pagansparkles at a local brewpub. We pounded down brewskis and I narfed down a huge plate of nachos. We then headed to his place for another beer and more furry chat. I was really pleased that he and his roommate had just took in a stray cat and were getting it "fixed" up in all senses of the word. Hopefully the lab reports will come back clean and they will have a sweet white kitty. I get home just before sunset and take Anubis for his walk. Then things go bad.

We start walking on the mesa in back of my house. After awhile I hear distant gun shots. It's too uncommon since it's a huge open area. I'm not sure if it's legal or not because I think it's technically within the city limits. I crest a small hill and see 2 guys shooting at something. They see me and the dog and stop shooting. I walk by and continue on. I get about a quarter mile further and I hear them shooting again. No biggie, except I start to hear buyllets whizzing by my head! The fuckers were using me as target practice!!! Fortunately it was dark enough and they were far enough away by this time that they couldn't see me, but there are random shots flying everywhere. I managed to put a small hill between us and make tracks for my house. When I get home I dial 911. I make a report but have that sinking feeling that MAYBE someone will respond in about an hour and of course they will not be able to see anyone because it's dark out in the desert. I actually consider grabbing my .357 and having a little target practice myself, but since the cops have already been called, no way.

I'm shaking as I get online. I then find out that Dexter Fox is feeling bad again. DAMN! A few minutes later I'm having a few chats when the phone rings. I think it's the police, but instead it's my sister, sounding drunk and upset. She hands the phone to her fiance and starts ranting. He starts talking to me sounding drunk and stupid. While he's talking all nice I can hear my sister yelling at him in the background. Fianlly he tells me that he wanted to call my mom and tell her that I was gay. He was so happy for me. I'm thinking WTF?!? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!? There's more arguing so I just hang up.

I sit back at my computer and continue to shake all over. Dog bless Al Bear for being there for me. I went to grab a bottle of booze and just drank and chatted for an hour. A big bear hug to dabber for making me smile with our chat about Coon-Hulk, a green and black striped coon that loves to huggle bears. Just before signing off I send a nice flaming drunken email to my sister. I don't need that shit in my life. Once again the bear paw came out. I hate to use it, but I gotta draw the line.

O.K. it's off my chest. Now I gotta go deal with the Pueblos. Shoot me. Ooops. Someone might take me up on that offer.
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