August 4th, 2003


The Raccoon Party

First, a BIG paw wave to albear! You finally got a LJ! Onto my "friends" list you go! Now YOU can have a fanboi! Also a howl to amaruk, one of my roomies at AC. Gotta love a beer drinking wolf. I also see that pandaguy has added me to his "friends" list. Very cool! I know of you from the "fursuit" community. I'm really happy about that. Funny. I was thinking about you at AC when I saw a couple of panda fursuits.

I tried to re-establish my weeeknd routine on Sunday by doing my volunteer work at Animal Humane. They missed my presence over the past month. While heading there in the early morning hours I thought about emberflowers and her balloon ride that morning. Was she in one of those balloons? I felt very happy for her. Not to kill the mood, but I found out through her LJ that, no, she wasn't on any of the balloons that launched near my house. But it was a good feeling. I spent the morning alone in the cat room cleaning all of the cages. Only got clawed once. Bad Chaka kitty! No wonder nobody's adopted you.

The early afternoon was spent trying to clean the house as much as I could in preparation for tenax's birthday party. Unfortunately, he arrived fashionably early along with Buddy a.k.a. Skitzo Kitty, so the house didn't get really clean. *shrugs* Also along were the dogs, Bob and Ivory. Less than an hour later pagansparkles shows up with his elixir of life. Maybe he'll read this and post a reply with the recipe. Lets just say it has a LOT of booze in it, but it tastes like you're drinking chocolate milk. I decide that it's time for the debut of my new fursuit, so I slip away and return in my new raccoon suit. It's a Darkstone suit, and the body fits great! It's so different from the bearsuit since it's essentially a tailored fit. The only problem is that the head was built too small for my massive noggin, so I'll have to return it for modifications. Anyway...just as I walk into the living room, dabber walks in, almost as if on cue. I give the fellow coon a big furry hug.

The rest of the afternoon is spent narfing down chips and salsa until I finally fire up the BBQ to prepare some filet mignon and 6 oz. burgers. Once the carnivorous desires have been fulfilled, we retire to the living room to watch 2 the Ranting Gryphon's '02 AC performance on DVD. I then break out the birthday cake with the top covered in 26 candles. After that it's back outside for some extremely nerdy talk about RPG's. I'm lost because I only played a couple of times in college. The talk turns to South Park, so we head back inside to watch a couple of episodes that I have on tape. After that, the Man Show, was on, so we watch the Jimmy Kimmel finale'.

During the course of the evening, a few sketches were drawn. The most noteworthy was a sketch that Dabber did based on an idea brought up by "2" during his routine. He said that the Wonder Twins should transform into a giant dick that Superman could use to beat up aliens. What race of aliens would attack Earth after being beaten up by a giant dick? So Dabber draws a a Super Coon swinging a large penis. It was hysterical!

For the party I had filled the living room table with all of the furry comics I had bought at CF and AC (Genus, Circles, New Horizons, Skunkworks, Wild Frontier, etc). So the evening wound down with everyone grabbing a copy of their favorite comic and giving it a read. The party finally broke up after midnight. GOOD TIMES! It sucks it was a Sunday night. Hmmm. Let's see if I can function on 4 hours of sleep today. Whoot! Just like a con! Let's hope this monthly furmeet thing will take hold.
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