August 5th, 2003


Cable Guy!

Had another bad evening online last night. My connection was lost 3 times right in the middle of great chats. WTF? I'm spending all of this money on cable modem so that I have connectivity all of the time. *sigh* It gave me a good excuse to actually call up my furiends, though. Poor Dex Fox! I hate it when my friends get sick and they sound awful. At least he's on the mend. The next victim of my tempermental modem was albear. It was great to talk with him again, though. I am sooo looking forward to seeing him and Dex again in 3 weeks.

It was kinda freaky dealing with the cable company. I was talking with someone from a call center in Nova Scotia. She was able to reset my modem from her desk. *cue Twilight Zone music* All I can do is keep complaining. Hopefully no problems tonight.
I rode my bike to work again today. A nice workout.

Sorry for such a mundane post. Life is back in "boring mode" once again for awhile.

OH! A paw wave to another new friend! skitzycat Now all of the core NM Furries have LJ accounts. Hmmmm. I smell a community coming on. Maybe not.
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    "Real Life Bleeding Fingers and Broken Guitar Strings"

You're so vain

No, I probably don't think this song is about me.

But I DID get my vanity plate today! I am now the proud owner of New Mexico license plate # "NMFURRY" WHOOT!

It fits in nicely with my raccoon stickers, my bear paw, my mtn lion paw, and my "Have you hugged a big cat today" Thanks Coug!