August 6th, 2003


In the Groove

I'm riding a nice high this morning. It felt great driving to work this morning with my new furry license plate. I was really spazzy, though. I kept forgetting stuff and having to turn around and go back home. Then I had a clueless person in front of me at the office parking lot who didn't know the right entry code. So he just sat there entering wrong codes. D'oh!

I'm looking forward to tonight. I got a call from furrysparkles last night who had an extra ticket to the B.B. King Music Festival and invited me to go! Whoot! And I have gift certificates to a local Italian restaurant (payment for one of the fursuiting gigs I did for the local radio station), so we'll pig out on Italian food and then go hear some great guitar music. Jeff Beck is performing, too. Cool.
Got a surprise phone call from albear this morning while sitting at my desk. Cool. That'll help me get through the morning. A big hug to him for posting a pic of my new furmobile. It's linked on his journal site as well as under a comment from my post yesterday. O.K. *whip crack* back to work.
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    "Beautiful Day"--U2