August 7th, 2003


"The Thrill is Gone"

No it's not! In fact I was utterly thrilled to go see B.B. King in concert last night. I thought he would use his signature song for his encore, but it was his second to last song instead. Many thanks again to furrysparkles for giving me a ticket.

The evening started great with a couple of beers at a bar and then dinner at Scalo's Northern Italian Grill. Between the 2 of us we pretty much used up the entire $50 in gift certificates I had. It was yummy food, but those tiny little portions prepared with flash and flair. Bah! Give me a heaping plate of pasta!

It was then off to the Journal Pavilion. We arrived and the skies opened up. Hey! It's been like months since the last rain. Why did it pick this particular night to dump? *sigh* As a hydrologist who knows how severe this drought is, I was happy for the rain. It finally stopped and we found some seats on the lawn. Fortunately I had brought my dad's old WWII wool Navy blanket. The first act was Mofro which played a short set of good R&B. Next was Galactic which also had a good R&B set that went into long jams. The rain returned and I huddled under my blanket while Sparki took refuge in a beer tent. No. We didn't drink. Not at $7.50 a beer! I called albear on my cell as I sat there in the rain waiting for the next act. That was kinda cool. Jeff Beck performed next and he rocked the house! He did some bluesy ballads which were o.k., but he really kicked ass when he cut loose with straight-ahead rock-n-roll. Finally B.B. closed the show. Man! 77 and still performing! He's a real showman, but that was also why I wasn't overly impressed. He wanted audience participation which sometimes ground things to a halt. *shrugs* Overall, a great evening! I got home after midnight. Yup, over 4 hours at the concert.

I also found out that Anubis didn't like being left in the yard. So he pushed open the gate and went to visit the neighbors. He had fun playing with their dogs all day. I'm glad I have such cool neighbors.
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The Zoo

Whoot! The Rio Grande Zoo finally returned my calls today. Gee, it's only been 2 months since I submitted my application to do fursuiting. I think nobody knew what the hell to do with me. They finally gave me the number for their person that handles performance stuff. We just talked, and he said the best opportunity will be in October for their big Halloween party. HE sounded excited, but he told me that the zoo management is very gun shy about new things. They would probably want to see me perform first before they gave anything on a regular basis a green light. So Oct 25 will be my chance to shine. He said they want to stay "on-message" about animals and don't want to Disney-fy the park. I brought up the point that they have concerts there every Friday in Summer. How are bluegrass concerts related to anmials?!? (O.K. Some animals eat grass. I get it.) He agreed. He sounded pretty frustrated with the management. Budget cutbacks have also hit their staffing hard, so their volunteer coordination program is pretty stretched. At least I have a gig!