August 8th, 2003


I Fought the Law...And I Won!.....sorta

I had my court date today for my speeding ticket I got in June (see LJ entry/rant). Once again I faced a new system. In NM the cop actually offers you a plea bargain before you see the judge. It's kinda fucked up, but it came out o.k. Since I hadn't gotten a ticket in over 10 years, the cop offered me probation. Hmmm. I went 13 years without a ticket. I think I can manage 3 months. So that was it. I had to pay $40 court costs, but my record remains clean unless I screw up. So I call that a victory.

If I was chatting with you last night, sorry, I didn't blow you off. I lost my friggin' connection again. They're finally sending a tech out to check my line.
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