August 11th, 2003


Good Vibrations

The good vibrations from Saturday carried over into Sunday. I did my usual stint at Animal Humane in the morning. They were short-handed, so they were VERY glad to have me around to clean the cat room. I got home about noon and was famished. So I made a nice brunch for myself. O.K. guys. Say it! "It's not exactly breakfast. It's not exactly lunch. But it comes with a slice of cantaloupe. You don't get everything you want for breakfast, but it's a good meal!"

After a plate full of scrambled eggs, freshly made hashbrowns, toast, and coffee all enjoyed on my patio, I sat back and read all of the newspapers from the previous week that I hadn't read. It was nice just sitting outside drinking coffee and watching the hummingbirds engaging in aerial combat to protect their territories around my feeder. It was also fun watching a couple of scrub jays taunt my cat. *grin*

The clouds rolled in, so I thought I had better get Anubis walked before any thunderstorms built up. After the walk I had wonderful mundane tasks like putting away the freshly laundered clothes and ironing my dress shirts. For dinner I made mongo hamburgers on the grill served with homemade french fries and grilled corn picked fresh from my garden. By the time the dishes were washed, it was almost 7, and time to get online.

I had some wonderful chats. I must have a reputation for being a chat beast, because people are always asking me how many windows I have open. *LOL* I only had a maximum of 5 yesterday. One was my sister whom I hadn't heard from in a week after I basically told her to fuck off after the lovely drunken phone call I got from her and her friend. I told her she now knew the wrath of the bear paw. Don't make me use it again.

It was kind of a tough night for chats. There were several discussions which really required a little thought. So it took time to formulate the correct response. That's why folks thought I was overwhelmed with chats. Added to the fact that one was a wonderful yiff session, my mind Add that to the fact that I was watching an incredible lightning storm about 20-30 miles to the south through my window. It was hard to stay focused on anything. I must have reached furry overload because I had another "furry" dream. Once again, just a dream where it's the last day of a con and everyone is hugging and kissing, saying goodbye. And me running around the hotel looking for friends for a final yiff.
I also wanted you all to know that you ARE in my thoughts at all times. I'm riding a furry high and I am trying to direct that energy to all of you that are in need of a boost. Know that you have a friend out there in a big snuggly bear.
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