August 12th, 2003


Chatty Chatty Bang Bang

I had another great night of chats last night. However, I still have that feeling that I'm a luser for spending hours in front of a computer instead of going out and doing things. On the other hand, do people go out and do stuff EVERY night? If you do, I salute you. It would be nice to have a wide circle of friends where you could do something different every night with a diverse group of folks. But then....isn't that what I'm doing when I chat? I have friends in Canada, L.A., New Mexico, Indiana, Connecticut. The people are students, blue collar, technical, unemployed. The are male, female, gay, straight. About the only common thing I can think of off the top of my head is that they're all younger than me. *shrugs* Who the hell cares? And what do friends usually do when they get together? They sit and talk. Hey! Guess what I'm doing! I mentioned in an earlier post that I do miss the human touch; the hug, the skritch, and seeing the faces and hearing the voices of those I'm chatting with. But maybe that just heightens the emotion when I finally do meet that person FTF. And it DOES happen! In 3 weeks I will be in the paws of my fox and bear again, and the week after that there will be a local furmeet. So, yeah! It's all good!

Last night was really a wonderful night, the more I think about it. To be able to have great heart-to-hearts with people I really love and care for, to chat with new friends and build stronger relationships, to pull a friend from dispair and make him smile, to have a friend make me look deeper into myself, hit-and-run comments that keep me laughing and on my toes. Yeah. Good stuff. So if you are a LJ friend or just lurker, send me an IM. Enter my world and come along for the ride.

And before you all say it...No! I'm not trying to break my record of 11 chats. That leads to a frazzled bear! Not a pretty sight! It also diminshes the quality of the converstaion, and I would rather have quality over quantity. My ego likes to have lots of windows, though. *cue Sally Fields* "You like me! You REALLY like me!"
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