August 13th, 2003



I think I'm finally getting a better handle on the emotional rollercoaster thing. In the past, I would have really freaked out when I hit a bad bout of depression. Now I just have to keep my mind somewhat focussed on something good during those down times because I know that the low spot will only last 12-36 hours. After the high of Sat and Sun, I knew I would crash sooner or later. Perhaps that's the reason why my chats seemed so much more filled with emotion the past couple of nights. I myself was feeling very emotional. So I think I bottomed out last night and am ready to start my next upswing. Things are already looking up. I just got a call from albear at my desk here at work. Thank doG he now has a cell phone. I'm still counting down the days until I see his and dexter_fox's smiling faces at LAX. O.K. I better get to work while I feel motivated. I'm hoping no bureaucratic bullshit will fall on me and sap my will to work.
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