August 16th, 2003


A "me" day

I've declared today a "me" day. No volunteering at Wildlife West, not even to fursuit. I just want to catch up on things around the house, read, do a little Net surfing, and basically chill out. I kinda felt the same way last weekend, but there was an undercurrent of sadness. Not today. I'm happy as a lark. I was going to spend last night in my usual fashion, chatting online. I was surprised by a phone call from dabber who told me that he was in town and didn't have to work that night. So he asked if he could come over. Heck yeah! So he showed up and I closed out my chats. After making some alterations to my raccoon tail that he made for me last month we just kicked back and watched a few old movies. It's great to just hang out with furiends in RL.

So this morning was spent reading the paper on the patio with a pot of coffee and a plate of cinnamon toast while the hummingbirds buzzed and the quail made their way down the hill to my feeder. Anubis rolled in the grass and Skookum chased anything that moved. Add to that a wonderful, long phone call to albear and that's the lazy Saturday morning lifestyle. Ahhhhh.