August 17th, 2003



It seems like everyone online last night was drunk, yours truly included. It made for a fun and whacky time. I especially enjoyed recieving a web cam invite from furs (that will remain annonymous) getting all yiffy! I've heard about such live broadcasts, but have never seen one. Whoot! O.K. I'm a furvert. I like to watch. They invite me to join them. Hmmmm....Inhibitions are at an alcohol supressed low....Why not? I get my webcam going. Soon, a couple more furs ask to see my cam. *hick* Why not?! So just as I am about to get jiggy...the batteries die. So my honor is preserved for one more day (if I still had any left). My mantra still remains, however,'s ALL good! Maybe I should change my name to Mr. Goodbear. Mild mannered teddy bear by day....sexual deviant by night. Mwaah haa haa!