August 24th, 2003


The Wildlife West Report

I had wanted to type this last night, but I was just too darn tired. So here was how I spent a very furry day at Wildlife West.

I woke up with my now-typical Saturday morning depression. I have no idea where it comes from, but I wake up just not wanting to do anything. I kick my ass out of bed and head out at 7:15. I bring along the fursuit just in case. I get to the park by 8:00, and the keeper, Michelle, wasn't there. Hmmm. Soon Rebecca, a YCC team leader, shows up and says she's keeping that morning. Cool! So I will tag along with her. The first stop was a new fawn that is still being bottle fed. She slurped the goat's milk down in no time. We skritched and petted her as part of the plan to make sure she grows up acustomed to humans. She kept trying to suckle fingers and elbows. Finally she walked up to me as I was kneeling on the ground, and she started suckling my nose! I just had to laugh! The little teeth finally got to me and I had to push her away.

Pecos the bull elk has his full rack of antlers and is already getting randy. It's going to be a LONG Fall/Winter. He's either going to injure someone or tear something up this year, I have a feeling. I got to skritch Moonshadow the mountain lion. Love them big cat purrs. I also had fun with the raccoon. I was feeding Roberta, the big lovable one, while sitting on the groud. Roger, the somewhat aggressive one, climbs up on my lap and starts rummaging through the food bag. I want to pull the bag away, but he's holding on and trying to get a peanut. I know the drill. Don't piss off a raccoon while he's sitting on your lap. He eventually finds a peanut and goes off to eat it. I LOVE those little paws! They're awesome to watch.

I had planned to only stick around until 1:00, but the office got busy, so I helped out. Hmmm. It's 3:00. I should leave now. It gets busy again. O.K. I'll stick around for the chuckwagon. Should I fursuit? HECK YEAH! I have a nice talk with Roger, the manager. He REALLY wants to get a bear enclosure. The brutal murder of a black bear last week by Game and Fish has got people in an uproar. There is a groundswell of support to help save the bears. I now have the email addy of the head person at the Sandia Bear Watch. I will definitely offer my services. I think Roger is also thrilled that I can and will make a significant contribution to the construction of the bear habitat. I plan on also contributing a fair amount for the upkeep of my furry brothers. Speaking of Brother Bear...the theater owner will be contacting me shortly to arrange my services for the local premier of the movie. Whoot!

The chuckwagon was fun! I waited until about 30 minutes before dinner was served before suiting up. I must say it was one of my better performances. I'm really getting into the swing of things. I'm finding my personality, and I'm getting better at "working the crowd." I used to just target kids and families, but I'm now starting to make contact with every visitor. I've found that even grumpy old men can be made to have fun. My hat's off to stoda who did a bird presentation with Dia, the red-tailed hawk. It's not easy to talk to a crowd of almost 200 people with a large raptor on your arm.

I don't know if it was the exhasution of the day or just the cresting of a new furry high, but I really had to keep myself from crying tears of joy last night. Sitting in the amphitheater with lots of upbeat bluegrass music, a wonderfully cool evening with a sky full of stars, a crowd of happy people, a plate full of delicious just put this bear in his happy place.

Whoopty Muthah Fuckin Freakin' Do! The closet door be done thrown open!

Good evening everybody!
Hullo Cyber world! Guess what? I'm a queer bear!
I'm a homo! I'm a fruit! I'm a fairy! A poofter! I'm a fudge packer! I'm a gay boy!

I just talked with my mom tonight. She asked if I was gay. I said, "YES!"

Of course, she was a typical mother and said that she would still love me no matter what. *so much like a mother*

So I guess it's officially out there. She would have been the only person I would have been afraid to have aditted it to. So, now that it's out there.......Wheeee! Who the fuck cares?!?! I love you all out there in cyberspace! I will forever be the slutty bear of the Southwest!