August 26th, 2003


Buzztails and 'yotes

I had a great dog walk with Anubis last evening. I was just walking along the dirt road enjoying the weather and the view when I hear a quick buzz off to my side. I thought it was a cicada. I look down to see a rattlesnake about 2 feet away, head coiled back. Whoa! Cool! I had heard that they were somewhat common and my neighbor even found one in her yard, but this was the first live one I had seen since moving to NM. I did find a dead one last year on my walk. I still have the rattles. This snake kinda pissed me off. All of the rattlers I've encountered would have started buzzing long before I got that close. Even Anubis had trotted by without getting a buzz. It was a small snake, maybe 2 feet long. I just watched him slither off, head cocked, ready to strike the entire time.

I continued the walk, and about 1/4 later I look up to see 2 coyotes about 50' off the road. Yup, it's Gimpy and Guardian. Gimpy has a messed up hip (I think) and can't run very fast. I named the other one Guardian because he's always looking out for his disabled buddy. Anubis spots them and takes off after them. He catches up with Gimpy and pounces him. There is some nipping and Anubis just stands there wagging his tail while Gimpy is in defensive mode. Guardian stands about 20' away and finally gets Anubis to chase him. I suddenly feel the bear rise up in me, and so I join the chase. While the canines run gracefully across the mesa, the big bear lumbers after them trying to keep them in sight. Soon the chase is over and Anubis is back by my side getting skritches.

The rest of the evening was uneventful. My friend Gary came over and helped me move my old washer and dryer out of the laundry room. I bought a new set over the weekend after my dryer started having probelms. I bought the old pair used 12 years ago for $100. I think I got my money's worth. So tomorrow I will have new appliances. So much for saving money this month.
I should also tell of an interesting lunch yesterday. Gary had mentioned to the group that he had heard that Tom Petty came out of the closet. A fellow co-worker, who plays rock guitar, went "Tom Petty?!?! NO! Are you sure? Damn! Everyone's gay! Next thing you know, Ed here will say that he's gay!" It was a slow pitch right over the plate that I could have hit out of the park. Instead, I watched the ball go by and hear the called strike. Soon. In good time. I had another opportunity the week before. We were discussing "The Amazing Race" reality t.v. show. Someone said that Gary and I would make a perfect team. He's a slow Texan, very friendly but accident prone. I'm a cut-to-the-chase, Chicago bred, somewhat gruff bear. The comment was that Gary would be the comedian and that I would be the straight man. I laughed and said, "Nah! There's nothing straight about me." ZOOM! Over everybody's head. I can't believe so many intelligent people can't see that 2+2=4. Maybe they do and they're just messing with me. If that's true, that's cool with me. That means that it's accepted.
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