August 27th, 2003


The voices

The voices in my head last night told me to "KILL! KILL THEM ALL!" I woke up and there was Anubis standing over me with an evil grin on his muzzle and his tail wagging. I wonder if there are any jobs open at the Post Office.

This has been your daily brain fuck.
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    "Talk About the Passion"----R.E.M.

The REAL post for today

I was in a very dark yet playful mood this morning, so I hope that explains the weird post. I did wake up at 3 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep until 4:30. I then fell into a deep sleep only to be shocked awake by the alarm clock. *chuff* I had all of these weird, stupid, depressing, frightening, evil thoughts while I was laying there awake. I can see how people that really do have voices in their heads go nuts. I saw Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam" about David Berkowitz a.k.a. The Son of Sam. There's a scene in the movie where his neighbor's black lab tells him to kill people. It's just funny to see this cute dog telling him to "KILL!"

I get my new washer and dryer tonight! Whoot!

A BIG, warm, cuddly bear hug to a new member of my friends list! Welcome bearknight! We met for the first time at AC. He admired my fursuit and we just started talking. Talk about an instant bruin connection! What a super bear!

A paw wave to lthrbear who also added me to his friends list. Good to know another gay bear from the Chicago area.

I ordered my "Bear Pride" bumper sticker last night. *grin* I also ordered a dress shirt with a bear paw on the pocket. I can't wait to wear that one to work.

O.K. that's much better, isn't it? More like the bear you know and love.
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