August 28th, 2003


Chat slut

First, a big *paw wave* to cojirofox who added me to her friends list. I don't think we've met before, but there must have been something in this bear's ramblings that caught your eye. Cool! Welcome! I shall reciprocate the favor. I would be interested in reading your impressions of college life. *HUGS* I wish you luck!

Last night was chat-o-rama again. I just can't say no to a chat. I'm a chat slut! I can't go invisible! I can't shut it off. I feed off the energy I get when interacting with other folks, even if it is just in cyberspace. I can usually pull off multiple chats if the other folks are doing the same. I just can't manage 9 windows when all of the converstaions are good and the responses are immediate. I then tend to get a window buried which means that a person gets forgotten unless I get a reponse. Grrr. It makes me sound insincere. Please don't ever think that. If it's just a frindly chat, then I may put you on hold if someone is depressed or has a problem. And please don't say, "Oh, you're probably chatting with the world right now, I'll leave you alone." GRRRRR! That makes me feel so sad when I hear that! I will try to be considerate of your needs.

Multiple chats does tend to keep my mind very nimble. That's important to this ol' bear. It was fun to go from a yiff session, to a role-play, to a wonderful introductory chat, to a catch up with old furiends. Toss in a few hit-and-run chats, hanging out with the good-ol-boys...errr..cats hehe, and maybe a snuggle or two. Murrrrrrrrrrr. It puts this bear in his happy place.

O.K. 34 hours and counting! *does happy yiffy bear dance*
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