August 31st, 2003


The Great Riverside Mundane Squick of 2003

Greetings from LA! We had a wonderful day today! albear and dexter_fox and I spent a wonderful morning together *wink* and headed out to lunch. After lunch we met up with carol_kitty and headed out to Riverside to meet up with avenginglioness KWI! What a furmeet! Carol needed some food so we all headed out to Wendy's. I had my raccoon tail, Al in his bear feet, Dexter in his fox ears and tail, Carol in her cat tail, and Lioness with her lion tail. We got all kinds of stares and comments (all positive!) We then headed off to a local adult store to oogle at the merchandise. More great comments! Next was Target. Still more fun! Then on to the Chinese buffet where we pigged out and answered more questions about what the hell was going on! It was just furry fun! After a stop at Ralphs, where I made sure that Lioness' cats would have enough food and kitty litter, we headed back to her place for some great snuggling! We ended up watching an Asian porno which was funny instead of sexy (think MST3K). Unfortunately, Al is allergic to cats, and Lioness has 3. We had to get him out of there before he got really sick. So we retreated to a nearby coffee shop where we had coffee on the patio along with a cake we bought for Al's birthday, which is Tuesday. And now I type this from the Bear Den. I can barely keep my eyes open. Whoot! This is too much fun!
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