September 1st, 2003


The Great L.A. Zoo Mundane Squick of 2003

Had a great Sunday with albear and dexter_fox. We got another late morning start *wink* and then hit a local restaurant for lunch. What is it with service in L.A.? It has sucked everywhere we have gone! Hmmm. Could it be due to the tails and ears? We then hooked up with saharalion at the L.A. Zoo. It was packed! Perfect! Normally I would have hated a large crowd, but our goal was to do a little squicking, so it was great. So we walked through the entire zoo with our tails and got LOTS of great comments. It was a fun time. We then headed to Fuddruckers for dinner. Of course Al got his regular 1-lb burger. O.O After dinner we decided to check out what was playing at the new Burbank megaplex. The only movie we could agree on was S.W.A.T. My review....bleh! Al almost wanted to walk out. Sahara loved it! Dex liked it. *shrugs* After the movie we headed over to BJ's brewpub for beers. We chatted until after midnight. We said our goodbyes to Sahara and headed home. The liquor then continued to flow and we sat up and chatted until the wee hours of the morning. Ahh. Good stuff. Now we're watching VH-1's tribute to the 70's and showing Al and Dex just how OLD I am! *cries* They're laughing at me! I'm singing along to the "Zoom" theme as well as "Schoolhouse Rock." I'm gonna go home tomorrow and pull out my K-Tel albums.
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