September 2nd, 2003


Weekend Wrap-up

Here I am back in Albufurque. *sob* the weekend is now over. My flight back from L.A. was uneventful. I'm so glad I'm feeling more confident about my sexuality. It was great to give dexter_fox a big,wet, good-bye kiss at the terminal. So here I sit, running the river model to see how we did this past weekend. So far it looks like our operation plan was right on!

I should mention that yesterday was a pretty laid back and mellow day. We got a VERY late start *wink* and breakfast quickly went from brunch to lunch. We ended up at the Hometown Buffet (which was PACKED at 1:30 o.O). Of course we were dressed in tails, ears, paws, etc. We then drove up to visit Pawfan who works for the Parks Dept. near La Crescenta (I think). We hung out with him for a couple of hours then returned to the Bear Den for pizza and beer while watching "Gangs of New York" on dvd. Pawfan showed up to watch as well, but his timing sucked like you wouldn't believe, right in mid yiff. ARRRGHH! He hung out with us until 10 or so, and then we turned in.

Before I go any further, I would just like to say..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL BEAR!!!!!" Mega-bear hugs, skritches, and slurps! You should get a birthday yiff as well!

So here are the bullet points from the great Labor Day '03 furmeet:
Best moment: Sitting in Lioness' apartment chatting, laughing, snuggling
Worst moment: Driving away from the Bear Den this morning with Al Bear standing alone in the street.
Funniest Moment: Al smacking me in the ass as hard as he could with a paddle at the sex shop
Funniest quote: "Will you guys shut up and just blow me!"
Most over-used phrase: "Steady as a rock." "Yeah, but I shoot with this hand." (follwed closely by "KWI!")
New expression that will forever be an inside joke: *rubs two fingers together*
Song for the weekend: "It's Not Unusual"---Tom Jones
Biggest regret: Almost no fursuiting
Best discovery: Fursuit bondage. Murrrrrr. (FURVERT!)
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