September 3rd, 2003


"Bed's Too Big Without You"

---The Police

*sigh* Woke up alone for the first time since last Friday. I guess I have nothing to complain about, though. Yesterday I realized just how many friends I have out there, and I hope I have touched their lives as much as they have touched mine. The evening started off with a call from my mom. This was the first time we have spoken since the "big talk" last week. She is very understanding and loving. Her only concern seems to be that there are gay bashers everywhere. *shrugs* The world is full of evil people. It doesn't matter if you're gay or straight. I'm not a sissy boy. Fuck with me, you will die. Plain and simple. Anyway, she's still on a guilt trip because she took a little trip on the day I got back from AC and we didn't have a chance to talk FTF. Oh well. Maybe I'll see her for Xmas.

I was just about to hang up the phone when dabber shows up on my doorstep. We had planned a dinner outing the week before. He had never been to Fuddruckers, so we headed off to get a burger. While eating I got a call on my cell phone from amaruk. That really surprised me. It was wonderful to hear his voice again. His Interent was down so he thought we could chat the old fashioned way. *grin* After dinner I scanned through a cd-rom of yiffy art that Dabber bought at MFM last weekend. We then just cuddled up on my old sofa and had a long talk about life and love. Maybe I talked too much. Here my mom told me to be a private person and I was spilling out deep secrets. I guess that's the "new" me.

After Dabber left, I hit the Net. I had a few good chats. Nothing too overwhelming. Then I got my nightly call from albear. We lamented a few lost opportunities over the previous weekend, but agreed that it was a good time. Our sights are now set on Nov.
I suppose I should mention that I ran across another rattler on my evening walk. This time Anubis found him and I was afraid he was going to get bit. He's smart enough to know, however, that you don't mess with those buzzing things.
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