September 4th, 2003


The weight of PFD

Let's start out on a joyful note. Welcome warrenwolfy to my LJ world. I was going to add you this morning and saw that you beat me to it. *HUG*

I'm having a pretty bad morning. I believe post-furmeet depression has finally set in. Shit! I had a record-breaking 12 chat windows open last night. They ran the gamut from short "hello, how ya doing" to serious topics like my sister's abusive boyfriend who finally got his ass kicked out. His face has a date with my baseball bat. I fear a relationship has sailed into stormy seas. It's weighing heavily on my mind because I fear my yiffy nature may have caused apprehension. It's hard coming back from a weekend of non-stop yiff to the reality that not everyone thinks that same way. Fuck! I'm such a dork. It has started me thinking about the inter-relationship between friendship/sex/love and the fine lines that divide them. What do they mean to mean to me? What AM I really looking for? WHO am I searching for?

I have NO motivation to work today. The office is pretty much empty. The river is flowing according to "plan." I'm feeling bummed. There is a barrage of bureaucratic bullshit. I want my raccoon fursuit finished! I want information about this weekend's parade! I want the fucking zoo to email me! I want the fucking Sandia Bear Watch to contact me! *GROWL* I want it all now! *slaps self in forehead* O.K. I'm better now. This is just one of those little low spots. I'm sure I will get all of my answers soon. I WILL march in the parade. I WILL go to tenax's party on Saturday. Let the upswing begin.....please.
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