September 7th, 2003


Parades and Parties

WOW! What a furry Saturday I had! As I had mentioned before, I was given the opportunity to march in the N.M. State Fair Parade, the largest parade in N.M. I showed up with my mundane friend Gary at 8:30. It took awhile, but we finally found float #173. I suited up and headed back over to the float. Now, I should have realized that with a # like 173, we wouldn't be moving for quite some time, but I suited up anyway. It wa great that there was a float full of kids right next to ours. I spent a lot of time hugging, skritching, and messing around with the kids from the other float. Their float was for a trade union, and they even had a person in a lion fursuit, since their symbol was a lion. I quickly realized that the person wasn't a "fursuiter" because he "popped his top" right in front of the kids. GAH! I did get a few photo ops with the Moriarty High School mascot (a horse), McGruff the crime dog, and Safety Pup, or (something like that). We didn't actually get moving until after 9:30. I had planned on walking the entire route, but reality quickly set in. I learned a lot of valuable lessons. As soon as we hit Central Ave., I saw that the street was lined wall-to-wall with people. I was in heaven! There were kids shouting "HEY! BEAR!" up and down both sides. I soon realized that the parade was moving faster than I had thought. It took a lot of effort to keep up as well as dodging all of the horse shit that had filled the street from previous entries. My head fan died as well as the cooling breeze. The temperature rose into the mid 80's and I was breathing heavily as I tried to keep up. I tried to keep hydrated as Gary fed me water along the route. The crowd was WONDERFUL! I tried to work both sides of the street, but there were just too many kids wanting high fives and/or hugs. I started to cramp up. I drank as much water as I could. Gary mentioned that we had just crossed Wyoming Blvd. SHIT! That was only the half-way point! I told him to relay a message to the float that I would have to ride. I was slowly starting to lose it. By this time I had already kicked into "Sabot" mode. I was no longer a human in a bearsuit. I WAS Sabot. I hopped on the small float, and began waving from there. It was awesome to hear "HEY MR. BEAR!" from the crowd on both sides of the street. I slowly began to feel my temperature starting to rise. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it even riding on the float. I told Gary to tell the driver that I would be joining her. She found a convenient place to stop, and so I hopped off the float and jumped into the cab of the SUV. I immediately aimed the air conditioning into my eye holes. There was probably less than a quarter of a mile left by this point. I waved to the crowd from the SUV, but I was just about gone. At one point I closed my eyes and "woke up" a few blocks later. We approached the end of the parade, and I popped my top. The cold air on my head revived me. The parade ended, and I put my head back on for the 1 block walk to Gary's vehicle. We drove back to the fairgrounds, and I unsuited. Whew! What a day! But WAIT!...

I made it home and showered. I ate lunch while talking with albear on the phone. I then packed up Anubis and headed down to Socorro for a furmeet at tenax's place. Woo Hoo! The party had already started by the time I arrived. Also present was skitzycat and his girlfriend, Margaret, as well as indicoyote and ari_foxy. I was very happy to meet Ari as it turns out that he lives quite close to me! Whee! Also present was a new furry, Greg, I believe. *cries* I'm not sure. Anyway...Not too much later, dabber and furrysparkles arrive. Tenax's theme was "make your own pizza." OMG! He had every topping under the sun. We each made our own individual pizzas and baked them. YUM! I ate 2, and nearly exploded! Others made 1 regular pizza and 1 dessert pizza topped with chocolate, pudding, ice cream, whatever. OMFG! Wayyyyy too much food! We then spent the rest of the evening watching videos, playing board games, computer games, card games, listening to Tenax's collection of weird and wonderful MP3's. etc. The party finally started to break up around 2 a.m. I decided it was too late to drive back to Albuquerque, so I crashed in one of Tenax's spare bedrooms. Ah. A good night's sleep. I was then treated to a great pancake breakfast after I woke up. I had planned to do my volunteer work at the Humane Association, but I decided, "screw it." I was also supposed to have a meeting at Wildlife West, but also decided "eh. not worth it." So, now it's time to do laundry and get stuff done around the house.