September 8th, 2003



I got my weekly call from mom yesterday. I had been warned earlier from my sister that she is still trying to deal with my sexuality and has now fallen back to the religious aspects of why it's wrong. My sister is doing o.k. after she kicked her s.o.b. boyfriend out. It's good to be able to chat with her both online and on the phone without me wondering if he was standing behind her making sure she didn't say anything wrong. I knew mom would be upset anyways because today would have been my dad's birthday. Even I had to get the hell out of the card aisle at the supermarket the other day when I realized I should be buying a card for someone, but couldn't remember who. Then I remembered.

Mom wasn't that bad. She really wants to talk to me FTF. I told her about my fursuiting fun and the Socorro furmeet. I can tell she's gritting her teeth when I describe all of the fun I'm having. I mentioned that I wanted to buy at least 2 more fursuits. That got her upset. I then mentioned I already had a new raccoon suit. That got her even more upset. I think she thinks I'm throwing money away. *shrugs* She's a child of the Depression. She frets and worries over every cent. Here I am taking trips around the globe, buying fursuits, eating out, buying new appliances. It's scandalous! I keep telling her that life's too short to deny yourself a few pleasures. She then "threatened" to spend a whole bunch of money on an Alaskan vacation. I encouraged her to do it! She needs to get out and enjoy herself again. I realize that it hasn't even been a year since Dad died, but you just can't sit at home alone and cry. Hopefully she can come out soon for a visit. She can also come out and watch the "grandkids" when I go to FC in Jan.
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