September 9th, 2003


Collar My World

I had already mentioned that the assistant office manager really liked my collar. He chastized me last week because I hadn't worn it in a few days. Yesterday he caught me in the hall and saw that I was wearing it once again. He told me he was glad to see me back in uniform *LOL*. He then expressed his desire to put a leash on me and drag me to meetings. murrrrrrrrrr. Is this a great office or what! We were chatting outside of a co-workers office and she just started calling, "Hey, Big Bear!" I looked at her kinda funny and she just smiled and said, "I just like saying 'Big Bear'." Good stuff!

Not much else to report. I did play hookie in the morning so I could get my cable Internet checked out. It turns out that there must be some bad cable in my house, so the cable company will come out this weekend to replace it. I also spent a nice evening with furrysparkles having dinner at the Martini Grille and then just chilling on his patio downing a few brewskis. I got back home just in time to phone albear and have a few nice chats.
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