September 12th, 2003


"Our State Fair is a Great State Fair"

eeep! I'm singing showtunes!

I felt much better yesterday. The funk cleared up and I was back to my old self. I had a great time at the NM State Fair. I operated a 4x8' table filled with plastic sand with 2 outflow pipes at the upper end. Once the water is turned on, river channels form. you can then alter the system to show how one change in one place causes consequences somewhere else. It was pretty slow going early on, but picked up after around noon. It was fun describing how rivers and watersheds function by causing floods, erosion, and land use change. I love getting paid to play in a sandbox *grin*

After my shift was over, I was free to roam around the fair. I bought a couple more bear stickers for my rig. I ate horribly over-priced fair food and people-watched. I also enjoyed following 2 of the fair mascots. They were upright horse fursuits. The viewports were medallions on their chests. That meant the entire neck and head of the horse was above the head of the wearer. Talk about top-heavy! I also noticed they had very good handlers. The kids loved them. It made me jealous.

After work my boss and his boss invited people to go out for beers. So I went along and had a few. Since I was driving, I had to limit myself. That worked out very well. I was then able to get home and enjoy a chat filled evening, this time remembering everything I said. *grins* It was much better, although, surprisingly my typing skills seem to be much worse when I'm sober. Maybe I think too much with a clear head. *LOL*
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    "Folsom Prison Blues"--Johnny Cash (RIP) *cries*