September 13th, 2003


Nature outside my window

Here's a post that stoda can appreciate. A few moments ago I was sitting here at my computer with the window facing the yard wide open (it is an INCREDIBLE morning!) I heard a huge commotion and looked out to see scaled quail running and flying in all directions. They were issuing their alarm cry. I thought for sure my cat was out there tormenting them. Just then I see a quail running for a juniper bush with a large Coopers Hawk in pursuit! It was awesome! The quail just managed to make it under the bush. The hawk then landed just next to the bush. Suddenly, Anubis comes bounding over and the hawk takes off. He jumps and nearly catches the hawk. The hawk then flies up and lands on my patio cover about 8 feet away. He looks up to see me staring at him almost eye to eye. He quickly takes off and flies away.

I was just commenting to myself the other day how great it was that I found this house. It's truly wonderful to have so much wildlife so close by in an urban environment.