September 19th, 2003


"E" is for pants!

I had a wonderfully spontaneous furry evening. I had contacted tenax earlier in the day to tell him an email he sent never arrived. He told me he was going to be in town that day and hinted at a potential meet. I was definitely up for that. I had pretty much forgotten about it by the end of the day, but I got a call from him while I was walking Anubis that he was on his way over. Cool! I treated him to dinner at Outback since I was going to be crashing at his place for 2 nights this weekend for the Fat Tire Fiesta. After stuffing ourselves to the bursting point, we headed back to my place for some computer fun.

I had mentioned in an earlier entry that Tenax LOVES the entire furry fandom. He has been surfing the furry cyber world for years. So he spent a few hours showing me every cool furry art site he could remember off the top of his head. OMFG! I now have bookmarks out the wazoo! The funniest time was spent watching the entire "Retarded Animal Babies" series. I almost wet my pants watching those. Dat be some funny f*ckin sh*T! So I apologize to folks for not chatting last night, especially wuffy1970. I saw your message pop up, but I was hoping to be able to catch you later.

I'm now off to the State Fair to work the water conservation booth again. I'll probably be offline for a few days. Talk to y'all on Sunday! *HUGS*
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Friday Follow-up

The fair was a bust. The pump for the display was shot, so no river, so no need for me to stand there by a big sandbox for the kids to play in. For those of you interested in some of the cool sites tenax showed me last night, go to his LJ. He posted a list.