September 22nd, 2003


A Weekend of Furry Goodness

My, oh my! What a wonderful furry weekend. It started on Friday evening. I came home from work and loaded up my rig with my stuff and Anubis and headed over to furrysparkles. I transferred everything into his truck and off we headed to Socorro. We arrived at tenax's house just in time to head right out to the auditorium to see the Chinese Acrobats. OMFG! The things those acrobats can do! Imagine lying on your belly balancing glasses of sand on your head, hands, and feet and ending up lying on your back without spilling a grain. I particularly enjoyed the comic lions. Wonderfully funny fursuits! The guy balancing 20+ feet off the floor on wooden chairs was pretty frigging incredible. After the show, we headed over to the local greasy spoon for dinner. We then returned to Tenax's place for a night of videos and random furriness.

Saturday morning came way too soon. Tenax brought Sparki to the park so he could be there for the long mountain bike races. Sparki is a trained EMT and volunteered to be the race medic if needed. Tenax then returned for me and we headed back to the park to take a short easy ride that Tenax was the leader. It was a nice morning ride. I decided not to fursuit that ride because it was in a fairly remote area. We got back to the park in time to cheer on the winners of the 40K race. We left Sparki there since he couldn't leave until the last riders were in. Tenax and I returned to his place where I revealed to him one of my dark secrets. I was a virgin.

*LOL* Well, I was a video game virgin. I had played the original Nintendo, but I have never touched a Game Cube, X Box, or PS2. So he fired up his PS and showed me how to play Sly Cooper. Fun! I tried my paw at StarFox Advetures as well. I probably won't become a gamer, but it was a good time. The game was interrupted by loud claps of thunder and huge bolts of lightning. We went outside to watch the very violent storm pass just to the north. Soon Sparki called to let us know that he was done and ready to eat lunch.

We drove back to the park to meet him and saw that the storm had dumped a large amount of rain. The roads were flooded in places. The restaurant we had wanted to go to was closed, so instead we headed back to Socorro to the brew pub. We pigged out on pizza and, in mine and Sparki's case, beer! We made it back to the house and I suited up to be the official starter for the race around the town plaza. I then handed out the prizes to the winners as well as pass out victory hugs. The rain had really dampened the spirits of the spectators and participants, but it was fun nonetheless. I got some great squicking done when Sparki and I stopped off at the supermarket to get some beer. I've never fursuited in a store before. It was awesome! We then returned home and I was "treated" to a viewing of "Evil Dead 2" as well as THE furry orientation film, Disney's "Robin Hood." We were all pretty wiped out and crashed early.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny, yet cool. I suited up and we all rode our bikes to the Plaza. It was a blast to ride a bike in suit! All of the rides for the morning left from the plaza, so all of the riders got to see me. Everyone loved it! It turned out that we were the only ones on our particular ride, but that didn't matter. I rode about 6-7 miles through the streets of Socorro. It was a great time.

After the ride, I de-suited and headed to a great Mexican restaurant for lunch. We then just hung out all afternoon while Tenax showed us his collection of computer games. I gotta get a copy of "Inherit the Earth." The Fat Tire Fiesta volunteer party was held at his place, so I got to pig out on pizza and beer. It was also great to see indicoyote again, although he just kinda sat off to the side reading comics and RP books. Sparki and I left around 7 for the drive back to ABQ. I got home and immediately took Anubis for his walk. He had been cooped up with Tenax's dogs all weekend. He assumed the omega dog role as usual. Now he could be free again to have fun without being jumped on (well, he still has to deal with the cat *LOL*). It was a VERY clear and beautiful night. I love it when you can see the Milky Way even with the city lights below. I chatted with albear the whole way. That helped put a nice end to a great weekend.
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