September 23rd, 2003


Feeling like Baloo

"Oh it's the bear necessities. The simple bear necessities. Put away your worry and your strife."

I really had it at work today. I basically told my supervisor that I just don't give a fuck this morning. And she agreed with me. The show is being run by high level bureaucrats in D.C., so I will just keep my mouth closed and do what they say. Why come up with any scientific basis for solving problems when that gets thrown out the window and replaced with politics? Why strive to achieve win-win situations with your constituents and customers on the ground, when someone in D.C. will come up with a decision that essetially pisses everybody off? Then they tell you to deal with the fallout. I actually kinda like my position. I like my pay, but right now I really don't give a flip about advancement or learning new skills. My main concern in life is finding new fursuiting gigs and setting up trips to cons and visiting furiends. Work is a cash cow that I will mercilessly milk until I can retire. If no one gives a damn that I sit here and read LJ for hours, maybe play the occasional game of backgammon, then I sure won't. Why impress a supervisor when the average tenure has been about 8 months, with 3-4 months of anarchy in between. Maybe I'll feel different in a few years, but right now I'm gonna sit on my fat bruin ass and enjoy the ride.
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