September 25th, 2003


"Might as well face it, you're addicted to fur"

---Robert Palmer, sorta.

*grin* I think I'll place the order for fursuit #3 tonight. Yup, that's right. 3 fursuits in one year. Maybe #4 will be a Christmas present to myself. I found the most adorable doggy made by Facemakers. So yeah, it's expensive as hell, but it's gorgeous. Check out "Goldie". But first, I must get my polar bear. It'll essentially be an all white Sabot. I think I'll get the longer pile fur, however. I'm slowly getting to the point where I can fulfill another dream of mine. Next year I may start my own mascotting business. Furry for hire. Actually, I've already got the name, "Albu-FUR-que" I've been using that word for months now. I think it's clever. I must make some rudimentary business cards that I can pass out at Balloon Fiesta. I figure that once I can establish my fursuiting activities as a business, I can then write off con attendance as a business expense.

I did display my new 'coon head with my webcam last night to albear and dexter_fox. After some firewall bypassing I was also able to show my new buddy bear from New Zealand, Southpaw a.k.a. bearwithin. I loved doing a broadcast as the 'coon, but it sure is hard to see the text on the screen through the mesh eyes.

I'm looking forward to getting home tonight and trying some of the homemade salsa I made last night. I cheated and used the blender, but it should still be good stuff. Now I have to wait for my tomato plants to produce another crop of ripe, red goodness. Mmmmm.
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