September 28th, 2003


"Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the Gun"

Woof! Where do I start? Ah yes! Last night! Sooooooo. After my brief stint at Wildlife West, I return home and take Anubis for his walkies. Upon my return home, I see that dabber has arrived. We decide to go to Red Robin based on the coupon I have in my posession for one "Tower of Onion Rings." We arrive at the restaurant and proceed to order the above mentioned Tower. Mmmmm! Oniony goodness! We then proceed to order more food and stuff ourselves silly. Upon arrival back at my den, I inquire if Dabber would like to achieve his pheno's form by donning my new raccoon fursuit. I only have to ask once. Soon, there Dabber stands before me in all of his coon glory. I have once again shared the magic of fursuiting. I quickly put on my bearsuit which is followed by several minutes of good wholesome fursuit snuggling. Then it is time for role reversal. Dabber puts on the bear and I put on the raccoon. This is followed by several more minutes of good wholesome fursuit snuggling. We then de-suit and make our way to the sofa for good wholesome snuggling while watching "J-Men Forever" 0.o and "Dogma." BTW, If I hear the word "Bennifer" one more time, I will go Postal.

Dabber leaves just before 1 a.m. which is good since I have to wake up at 5:45 to help out at the Humane Association. No wild-dog jailbreaks this week. Just pickin' up the shit and passin' out the good canine skritches. I get online afterwards and start chatting with furrysparkles He has in his possession a copy of "Evil Dead: Army of Darkness" So he comes over and we watch it together. Wonderful campy goodness. I also got my weekly call from my mom. She lamented the fact that my sister has fucked up her life with such asshole men. I laughed and told her, "Now aren't you glad you have such a nice normal gay, furry, son?" *LOL* As with Queen Victoria...she was not amused. C'est la vie. Anyways...I'm toasted. It's late. And I love y'all. *Bear Hugs!*