September 29th, 2003


Greeting the Big Cheese

I just got back from a meeting where the head of Reclamation gave us a pep talk. He knows me from the few conference calls I've been on with the chowder-heads I mean highly intelligent folks from D.C. I hope he saw the collar. *grin* He's a good guy.

I can tell people use the weekends to do maintenance on their friends list. Thanks to jbadger for adding me to your world. Now I can read all of those "friends only" posts. I wondered why you never seemed to post anything. Also a welcome to ari_foxy who not only finally added me to his friends list but also contacted me on IM last night. I should have guessed it was a computer problem. Hope to get you more active in the local furry scene. I see that my ramblings have also interested rockwolf Cool! Welcome to my world. I also added one hunter_deer to my friends list. I know him from ALF as one of the better posters.

And that's all folks! Another Monday morning in Albufurque. Let's see if we can dry up the Rio Grande today.
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