October 1st, 2003


"Slow Emotion Replay"

--The The

First, as "promised" to a few I chatted with last night Collapse )

Last night's chats were a real mixed bag, to say the least. I had very emotional chats with cnipur, berin, and dexter_fox. They were some of the more deep conversations I have had in a long time. All the while I was listening to REM live from Canada over a web broadcast (THANKS Berin!). Mega cool. I was really emotionally drained and went to get my old friend, "El Diablo" rum. Just as I was hitting bottom, I was pounced by hoofdahorse, wyldeside, rockwolf, and Jeff, my dear friend from Canada. They all raised my spirits (and other parts of my anatomy *grin*). I musn't forget furrysparkles who sent me some music files, but I was preoccupied with REM. I think I'm finally back on an upswing. I have Saturday and Sunday to look forward to.

Whoot! More friends from out of the blue! Welcome merashallan to my little world. *bear hug* ALWAYS happy to meet new folks.
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